Daily Current Affairs Quiz (2nd April 2016)


Daily Current Affairs Quiz (2nd April)

Daily GK Quiz

  1. Recently in Pakistan one of the gang rape victim’s case was closed with wheat as compensation through “Jirga “system which of the following is true about Jirga?
    (a) It is a traditional system of settling disputes through tribal elders.
    (b) Government supervised dispute settlement centre
    (c) An NGO working for local dispute redressal in Pakistan
    (d) Military operated dispute settlement system in Sindh province of Pakistan
  2. India’s fastest train named Gatimaan Express is scheduled to be on trial run on 5th april 2016 between which two stations?
    (a) Between Mathura and Agra
    (b) Between Lucknow and Delhi
    Between Hazrat nizamuddin and Agra
    (d) Between Thane and Mumbai
  3. Union health ministry has hardened its stand on pictorial warning on pack of tobacco product what percentage of cover is to be covered as warning on new packs ?
    (a) 85%
    (b) 75%
    (c) 65%
    (d) 90%
  4. Hubble telescope of NASA used for which purpose ?
    (a) To study earths milky way by capturing sharp pictures of distant stars which emit IR light by converting it into the visible light.
    (b) To study comets.
    (c) To study Asteroids.
    (d) None of the above.
  5. Core Heat wave(HW) zone of Indiaʼs meteorological department(IMD) covers how many states of india?
    (a) 18 states
    (b) 10 states
    (c) 17 states
    (d) 20 states
  6. A gorilla named Susie showed some similarities between gorilla an humans which two Ape are most closed to humans ?
    (a) Chimpanzees and bonobos.
    (b) Gorilla and bonobos.
    (c) Gorilla only
    (d) Bonobos only
  7. Who is UNDP chief currently?
    (a) Jim Yong Kim
    (b) Helen Clarke
    (c) Suhasini Haider
    (d) None of the above
  8. Ravi Thapa recently received silver medal in a qualifying event ,Ravi thapa belongs to which game?
    (a) Badminton
    (b) Cricket
    (c) Boxing
    (d) Snooker
  9. Name the Hungarian writer who won the 2002 Nobel Prize for Literature for fiction largely drawn from his experience as a teenage prisoner in Nazi concentration camps, died at the age of 86?
    (a) Azova kuzotskova
    (b) Imre kertesz
    (c) Wangari kuotova
    (d) None o the above
  10. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched ‘Make in India’ conference in which country recently?
    (a) Sydney
    (b) Amsterdem
    (c) Canada
    (d) Washington DC
  11. In Brussels, On 30th march 2016 PM Narendra Modi and Belgian counterpart launched asia’s largest telescope, this telescope will be located in which of  following city?
    (a) Dehradun (Deosthal)
    (b) Varanasi
    (c) Kolkata
    (d) Chandigarh
  12. For which of the following states recently India has Signed a Loan Agreement with the World Bank for USD 250 Million for “First Programmatic Electricity distribution Reform Development Policy Loan(PEDRPL)” ?
    (a) Telangana
    (b) Rajasthan
    (c) Haryana
    (d) Uttar Pradesh
  13. Bedaquiline, a newly launched vaccine by Health Ministry, is related with the treatment of which disease?
    (a) Zika Virus disease
    (b) Tuberculosis
    (c) Ebola virus disease
    (d) Swine flu
  14. Who is the newly elected President of the Central African Republic?
    (a) Nicolas Tiangaye
    (b) Mahamat Kamoun
    (c) Faustin Archange Touadera
    (d) Catherine Samba-Panza
  15.  Where will be the first Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) chair established in the Arab world?
    (b) Tunisia
    (c) Egypt
    (d) Kuwait


  1. (a)
  2. (c)
  3. (a)
  4. (a)
  5. (b)
  6. (a)
  7. (b)
  8. (c)
  9. (b)
  10. (a)
  11. (a)
  12. (c)
  13. (b)
  14. (c)
  15. (c)


  • subulaxmi aiyyar

    Great quiz sir will help us most in upcoming examination

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  • nidhi

    2 c
    7 a
    8 c
    13 a

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  • Subulaxmi aiyyar

    please refer to the link given below to know more about Bedaquiline drug resistance TB Drug recently launched.
    ……Refer to question number 13 in the quiz above ,whoever has made this quiz is an excellent job by your team sir …

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      sorry its about 11th question

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        Thanks for pointing out the error. It has been updated now.

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    excellent questions…if possible give more questions on polity.. almost all exams contains this section as most imp.

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      We will provide notes for polity and quiz as well in coming days. Keep Visiting.

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