English Quiz: 02


Read each sentences to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentences. Mark the alphabet of that part with error as your answer. If there is no error, mark(e).

1) While most major economies set aside (a)/ about 3 per cent of their GDP (b)/ in research and development, India (c)/ spend less than 1 per cent on this.(d) /No error(e)

2) Owing to the poor quality of (a)/ the equipment producing by Chinese firm(b) / many foreign companies have placed (c)/ order with Indian firm.(d)/ No error(e)

3) We expect a hike(a) / in the cash reserve ratio (b)/ which is the portion of deposits(c) / that banks keep with RBI(d)./No error(e)

4) Unless these difference(a) /will be resolved soon(b) / there will an adverse (c)/ effect on foreign investment(d) / No error(e)

5) We are confident that the steps(a) / we have taken to attract talented people(b) / and build a solid organization (c)/ will ensure remain profitably.(d)/No Error(e)

6) At a time which most firm(a) / were finding it difficult(b) / to raise money, we succeeded(c) / in raising the necessary fund.(d) / No error(e)

7) Everyone is keen in knowing(a)/ the forecast for the monsoon(b)/ this year as it has been the (c)/major cause of inflation in Asia.(d)/No error(e)

8) Building bio gas plant will help to reduce(a) / greenhouse gas emissions by reducing (b)/ the consuming of conventional fuels (c)/ such as firewood and kerosene.(d)/NO error(e)

9) Since some banks may take longer(a) / to achieve these targets, RBI (b)/ has considered to revise these guidelines (c)/ on a case to case basis.(d) /No error(e)

10) After joining the Hong Kong based(a) / bank in 1990, he has(b) / head various departments(c) /including corporate and investment banking.(d) /NO error (e)




2)-b, produced
4)-b, replace will be with are
6)-a,replace which with when
8)-c, consumption
9)-c, is considering
10)-c, headed



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