English quiz: 3


In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given.

Without water (1) animal can survive. In desert regions the greatest (2) to life is dying up. But many creatures are able to make use of (3) little water that exist in arid areas. One of nature’s masterpiece (4) creature equipped to (5) with life is the hardy camel. Stories range the desert lands for and wide about (6) endurance feats by camels. It is said that camels can (7) a distance of about 800 miles in eight days through (8) travels without an intake of a single drop of water. The popular (9) that camels store water in the humps is (10) in a way water is indeed store there but in the form of fat.
1) a) every
b) no
c) any
d) desert

2) a)warning
b) worry
c) requirement
d) threat

3) a) what
b) the
c) very
d) that

4) a) for
b) about
c) among
d) with

5) a) live
b) resist
c) bear
d) cope

6) a) remarkable
b) little
c) tolerable
d) popular

7) a) measure
b) cover
c) reduce
d) reach

8) a) rapid
b) continuous
c) regular
d) slow

9) a) belief
b) trust
c) conception
d) notion

10) a) baseless
b) wrong
c) misleading
d) correct


1) – b
2)- d
3) – b
4)- c
5)- d
6) – a
7)- b
8)- b
9)- a
10- d


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