English quiz: 4


Four alternatives are given for the idioms/phases printed in bold. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase printed in bold.

1) The story of the train accident as narrated by one of the survivors made my flesh creep.
a) thrilled me
b) horrified me
c) excited me
d) frightened me

2) He has resigned his job and burnt his boats so far as government service is concerned.
a) felt dejected
b) blasted his hope
c) ruined himself
d) left no means of retreat

3) He cannot hold a candle to his elder brother.
a) equal to
b) not as clever as
c) cannot be compared to
d) duller than

4) The question of higher membership fees was brought up at the last meeting.
a) discussed at great length
b) introduced for discussion
c) criticised vehemently
d) vaguely referred to

5) His arguments cut no ice with me
a) had no influence on me
b) did not hurt me
c) did not benefit me
d) did not make me proud

6) The green-eyed monster strikes a woman the moment she sees her husband talking to another pretty woman.
a) Anger
b) Hatred
c) Envy
d) Jealousy

7) To fight tooth and nail
a) To fight a losing battle
b) To oppose resolutely
c) To have a physical fight
d) To lodge a formal protest

8) At one’s wit’s end
a) to understand thoroughly
b) to be puzzled
c) to be a stupid person
d) to behave irrationally

9) The clerk turned a deaf ear to his officer’s advice
a) disputed
b) Paid attention to
c) Disregarded
d) Acknowledged gratefully

10) He expects his subordinates to be always at his beck and call.
a) At rest
b) At work
c) At his disposal
d) At their desks

11) In the long run
a) Permanently
b) Universally
c) Occasionally
d) Ultimately

12) if you are in the good books of the boss, you are sure to rise quickly
a) work well for the boss
b) Praise the boss
c) In favour with the boss
d) Co-operate with boss

13) To weigh up the pros and cons is to
a) measure the ingredient
b) observe etiquette
c) consider all facts
d) postpone action

14) The population of our country is increasing by leaps and bounds
a) Very slowly
b) Very quickly
c) Irregularly
d) Very systematically

15) My close friend got the sack from his first job recently
a) resigned
b) got rid of
c) was demoted from
d) was dismissed from


Answers will be provided soon.


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