Daily Current Affairs Quiz (28th May 2016)


1) Micro Enterprises engaged in the manufacture or production, processing or preservation of goods are defined when investment is?
a) Upto 50 Lakh
b) Upto 25 Lakh
c) Upto 10 lakh
d) Upto 15 Lakh

[toggle title=”Answer “]Upto 25 Lakh
. [/toggle]

2) Who decides on the quantity of coins to be minted?
a) Government of India
b) Reserve bank of India
c) Ministry of Finance
d) President of India

[toggle title=”Answer “]Government of India. [/toggle]
3) China has recently signed an agreement with which African country to build a nuclear reactor in that country?
a) Ethopia
b) Mali
c) Nigeria
d) Sudan

[toggle title=”Answer “]Sudan. [/toggle]
4) The eAtlas of Gender Inequality in Education presents a wide range of sex-disaggregated data produced by which organisation?
a) UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)
b) UNEP Institute for Statistics(UIS)
c) WHO Institute for Statistics(WIS)
d) Indian Statistical Institute(ISI)

[toggle title=”Answer “]UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS). [/toggle]
5) The Learning Assessment Capacity Index (LACI) is released by?
d) UNO

[toggle title=”Answer “]26 May. [/toggle]
6) The Union Ministry of Railways has launched Rail Humsafar Saptaah, a week-long initiative ,on which day swachchta diwas will be celebrated?
a) 27 May
b) 26 May
c) 29 May
d) 1st June

[toggle title=”Answer “]26 May. [/toggle]
7)  Who has won the prestigious 2016 Millennium Technology Prize?

a) Frances Arnold
b) Russel Arnold
c) Brian Bob
d) Michal Hare

[toggle title=”Answer “]Frances Arnold. [/toggle]
8)  Who has securec 1st place in the prestigious 2016 National Geographic Bee championship?
a) Rishi Nath  Singh
b) Rishi Nair
c) Sweta Singh
d) Laxmi Srinathan

[toggle title=”Answer “]Rishi Nair. [/toggle]
9)   Recently China has pledged what amount for flood relief in Sri Lanka where heaviest rains in more than 25 years has claimed over 100 lives?

a) USD 1.5 Million
b) USD 2 Million
c) USD 3 Million
d) USD 1 Million

[toggle title=”Answer “]USD 1.5 Million. [/toggle] 10)  Who is the only women to win the Winbeldon 9 times?
a) Steffi Graff
b) Martina Navratilova
c) Serena Williams
d) Venus Williams

[toggle title=”Answer “]Martina Navratilova. [/toggle]

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