Daily Current Affairs Quiz (june 1st , 2016)


1)  Who took over as the Chief of Naval Staff?
a)  Mukesh Lanba
b) Sunil Lanba
c) Rahul Singh
d) Kiran Bedi

[toggle title=”Answer “]Sunil Lanba . [/toggle]
2)  Name the high speed Train initiated the experimental Run over route between Bareilly and Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh?
a)  Talgo
b) Galgo
c) Nalgo
d) Calgo

[toggle title=”Answer “]Nalgo . [/toggle]
3)  Which state has been ranked first in overall performance for implementation of MGNREGA?
a)  Uttar Pradesh
b) Punjab
c) Tripura
d) Bihar

[toggle title=”Answer “]Tripura . [/toggle]
4)  Which Bollywood Actor appointed as the goodwill ambassador for the the LEPRA Indian organisation that fights against diseases?
a) R Madhavan
b) Aditya Pancholi
c) Arjun Rampal
d) Anupam Kher

[toggle title=”Answer “]R Madhavan . [/toggle]
5)  How much fund is allocated to Gujarat for the development of roads and ports in the next three years?
a)  2 crore
b) 20 crore
c) 2.20 crore
d) 2 Lakh Crore

[toggle title=”Answer “] 2 Lakh Crore . [/toggle]
6)  Who has been elected as the Lieutenant Governor of newly framed Legislative Assembly in the Puducherry?
a)  Kiran Bedi
b) Uma Bharti
c) Raj Kumar
d) Rahul Gandhi

[toggle title=”Answer “]Kiran Bedi . [/toggle]
7)  The Indian economy recorded a strong growth of how much in the fourth quarter of the 2015-16 fiscal?
a)  7.8 %
b) 7.9 %
c) 8 %
d) 8.1 %

[toggle title=”Answer “]7.9 % . [/toggle]
8) What is the range of advanced version of BrahMos missile, which was recently successfully tested by Indian Air Force(IAF)?
a)  270 km
b) 280 km
c) 290 km
d) 300 km

[toggle title=”Answer “]290 km . [/toggle]
9)  Who has been designated as the Finance Secretary by the Appointments Committee of Cabinet(ACC) headed by PM Narendra Modi recently?
a)  Ashok Lavasa
b) Ashok Kumar
c) Arjun Rampal
d) Anant Das

[toggle title=”Answer “] Ashok Lavasa . [/toggle]
10)  Who is re-appointed as Managing Director for five years by the firm Ashok Leyland?
a)  Vinod K Dasari
b) Vinod Kumar
c) S.S. Kumar
d) Vishal Sikka

[toggle title=”Answer “] Vinod K Dasari. [/toggle]

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