Bank PO Reasoning Quiz 2


I. Directions (Ques 1-5) Answer the questions on the basis of information given below.
P, K, R, S, T, M, F and E are eight persons. Each belongs to different city, viz. Mumbai, Patna, Pune, Kanpur, Lucknow, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore. Each of them like a different Car viz. Swift, WagonR, Maruti, Volkswagen, Nano, Toyota, Duster and SUV but not necessarily in same order.
P, who likes Duster belongs to neither Bangalore nor Lucknow. K belongs to Kanpur and does not like either Swift or Maruti. The one who belongs to Mumbai likes Volkswagen. The one who like SUV belongs to Patna and the one who belongs to Delhi likes WagonR. E does not like Nano. T and M like Wagon R and Toyota, but not necessarily in the same order. S likes SUV. F belongs to Chennai and doesn’t like Swift. The one who belongs to Lucknow like Toyota. R does not belong to Bangalore. The one who belongs to Pune doesn’t like either Maruti or Nano.

1. E belongs to which City?
(1) Pune
(2) Patna
(3) Chennai
(4) Kanpur
(5) Bangalore


2. Which of the following Car does M likes?
(1) Duster
(2) Swift
(3) Maruti
(4) WagonR
(5) Cannot Say


3. T belongs to which of the following city?
(1) Bangalore
(2) Mumbai
(3) Kanpur
(4) Chennai
(5) None of these


4. According to persons order given in
arrangement if Pune is related to the Nano
and Mumbai is related to the SUV then
Chennai is related to?
(1) Swift
(2) Nano
(3) Maruti
(4) Volkswagen
(5) SUV


5. Who belongs to the Mumbai?
(1) T
(2) M
(3) P
(4) R
(5) None of these


II.Directions (6-10): Read the following information carefully to answer the given questions.

Six lectures are scheduled in a week starting from Monday and ending on Sunday of the same week. Computer Science is not on Tuesday or Saturday. Psychology is immediately after Organisational Behaviour. Statistics is not on Friday and there is one day gap between Statistics and Research Methods. One day prior to the schedule of Economics there is no lecture (as that day is the off day and Monday is not the ’off’ day).

6. Which of the following is the last lecture scheduled?
(1) Economics
(2) Research Methods
(3) Psychology
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these


7. If Wednesday is the ‘off’ day, the code would be 2-4, if Thursday was the ‘off’ day, the code would be 3-3. Taking into account the ‘off’ day which of the following code is correct?
(1) 2 – 4
(2) 3 – 3
(3) 5 – 1
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these


8. Which lecture is scheduled on Friday? 
(1) Economics
(2) Psychology
(3) Computer Science
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these


9. How many lectures were scheduled between Economics and Psychology? 
(1) One
(2) Two
(3) Three
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these


10. Which day is Computer Science scheduled?
(1) Monday
(2) Wednesday
(3) Thursday
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these